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Playing cupid to unusual On-Screen Jodis
Esha Verma [ Wed, Feb 6, 2013 ]
  • Playing cupid to unusual On-Screen Jodis
    With Valentine's Day round the corner, cupid is all set to strike and spread the magic of love amongst all, even the most unusual and unexpected people.

    So we too decided to play cupid for our very own Bollywood youngsters, albeit just for the big screen. Bollywood has seen the rise of several fresh faces in the last few years. These young actors are stylish, confident, uber enthusiastic, extremely talented and ooze immense potential for a bright future. So we thought of pairing them together and putting down a wish list of some hatke jodis that we would like to see together on screen.
  • Playing cupid to unusual On-Screen Jodis
    Ranveer Singh - Alia Bhatt

    He is known for his rugged looks, loud performances and outgoing personality while she is like a porcelain doll, demure and elegant, a diva of sorts.

    Their contrasting personalities can create a terrific love story complete with Bollywood masala and naach gana given their commendable dancing talent.
  • Playing cupid to unusual On-Screen Jodis
    Ayushmann Khurana - Parineeti Chopra

    Opposites do not always attract. Sometimes, likeminded people too create magical chemistry and that is what Ayushmann and Parineeti's pairing can do. The charming Punjabi munda and kudi ooze energy which is infectious and have the perfect comic timing for a humorous couple.

    It would be interesting to see them in a lovers tiff as they fight it out in true Punjabi style!
  • Playing cupid to unusual On-Screen Jodis
    Varun Dhawan - Yami Gautam

    He is the rising stud of Bollywood while she makes the perfect pretty girl next door. Varun has the brawn while Yami has the beauty and together they are sure to sizzle on screen. He could play the hunk and she the brainy chick who are forced to come together and eventually find love.

    With their promising acting abilities and gorgeous looks they make for a picture perfect couple.
  • Playing cupid to unusual On-Screen Jodis
    Siddharth Malhotra - Anushka Sharma

    Who says the girl in the relationship has to be quiet and shy? Why can't we have an outspoken girl and a soft spoken boy who can create a tale of romance like never before? Anushka Sharma and Siddharth Malhotra definitely fit the bill for this unusual pairing.

    The leggy lass and the handsome lad can re- create the principles of love and give it an all new dimension, if brought together in a coming of age film.
  • Playing cupid to unusual On-Screen Jodis
    Arjun Kapoor - Sonakshi Sinha

    Two promising star kids - One who has made a mark and the other who is just one film old but has already carved a niche for himself. Arjun and Sonakshi have a rustic charm which is not easy to find in the urbane faces of today.

    That being said, we would like to see them in a stylishly different, sophisticated avatar in a modern day romantic story that breaks conventional norms. That would be a drastic change!