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Demo Poster of Mayflower.

Mayflower and my Bachelor Days - Ranjith Sankar Column
Ranjith Sankar  [ Wed, Nov 28, 2012 ]
  • I first heard the term "Mayflower" on a visit to USA almost a decade back. It was the Pooja of a serial called "American Dreams" which I was scripting then in a small auditorium in Washington DC. Dr. M. V. Pillai was an invitee for the event. The serial was the first to be shot in USA then and it was about the life of immigrant Malayalees. Dr. Pillai in his speech talked about Mayflower. It was actually the name of the first ship that carried immigrants to USA. That was something new to me.

    I remember I wanted to title that serial as "Mayflower" then but "American Dreams" was the more popular title for most associated. And after so many years later I am making a movie titled Mayflower! Well it has nothing to do with immigrant Americans this time. It's a love story.

    My friends always advised me never to make a love story as I am the least romantic person they could find! I am not very sure about that. Probably there is couple of times I came very close to falling in love, that's all. But I always felt I can write romance, that's something I am very comfortable with.Getting into the minds of people in love.

    Thus Mayflower started blossoming, couple of years back actually. It took me back to my bachelor days I used to stay with my friends in kochi.The fun and great times we used to have amidst our work pressures...the weekend trips...thattukada nights...some wonderful bonding... The moment I started writing mayflower, I started feeling happy.

    Aji is what my relatives call me at home. I couldn't find a more apt name for my hero. I made him Aji Kurien. Shibu Majeed is another important character. It's inspired by an actual Shibu Majeed who used to work with me then. There can never be a dull moment when Shibu is around. Shibu Majeed is ENTERTAINMENT! Then there was Kunjunni, Ravi Abraham, Varsha, Nair uncle, Rahman, Sujatha...I have seen shades of all these people walking past my days then.

    When you think of love stories in movies, it's mostly love happening in college, or to a careless youth. Mayflower is a love story that happens at a phase in a man's life post college. When he's taken up a job, more serious about life, ready to settle...And love appears somewhere in the air..!

    I have placed Mayflower in the IT background which again I am very familiar with. I have always felt that IT community is never portrayed realistically in our movies here. It has always shown as a group of freaky guys jamming in pubs, malls, multiplexes, affairs. Are we all that really? I have seen most of my friends working probably 14 hours a day, sleeping in floors in rented houses, responsible about their job, careers and family...Mayflower will also be a humble effort to portray that community the way I have seen them live.

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  • Many have complained that my movies are generally devoid of songs .And that I never give my heroes a chance to romance. Well Mayflower is your movie! Actually when I am writing this I am hearing the songs of Mayflower. It has been with me for more than a year now. And I just love each one of them. I have imagined shooting them many many ways across different times. Hope it turns out well to your liking eventually. That's only what matters!

    Mayflower is a story that has happened to me in parts. It's a story that has happened to most of you. For sure it is still happening to many. And I am going to try capturing it as beautifully and realistically as I can...

    Love Happens!

    And when in love...Never give up!!!


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