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Sreenivasan (Fahad Fazil) is a young architect who is in love with Tara. He has a good job too. While leading a happy life, an accident takes Tara away from him.

After Tara's death, Sreenivasan's life is completely changed. He lost all confidence in life and leads a secluded life. It is at this time the beautiful lady Ragini enters his life. In spite of the bleak and somber life that he leads, Ragini is ready to accept him into her life.

They get married but soon Sreenivasan doubts the true identity of his wife. He started suspecting that his wife is a Yakshi (demon). The lines between reality and imagination blurs for the physically and emotionally scarred man. Is his beloved wife even human, or does she personify the evil that lurks beneath the surface of everyday life? Here develops the story of 'Akam'.

Fahad Fazil and Anumol are cast in the main roles in 'Akam' written and directed by Shalini Usha Nair. The movie is produced by Box Office Cinema. 'Akam' is an adaptation of the novel Yakshi by Malayattoor Ramakrishnan.


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