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Love Lies and Seeta  (2012)  (Hindi)
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Love Lies and Seeta Review

Love, Lies and Seeta, if for a better script, could've made for good film. Sadly, it just bites the dust.
1 out of 5 (Poor)  | Mansha Rastogi (NOWRUNNING)
A very common perception is that one feels more of an Indian abroad than in India itself. The similar logic gets applied in Indie film Love Lies & Seeta that appears more Bollywoodish than the Bollywood films themselves. Glorifying Indianness, bringing out an exotic, oriental appeal of India, merging a typified Bollywood script, defying logics are some of the attributes of the Chandra Pemmaraju directed film.

So you have an American Indie films about falling for a girl who doesn't believe in love. The movie follows the lives of three male leads - Rahul (Arjun Gupta), Tom (Michael Derek) and Bhavuk (Lavrenti Lopes), who all have independently met the beautiful Seeta (Melanie Kannokada) at different stages in their lives. As the friendship among the three men grow, a chance encounter with Seeta makes them realize they have all fallen for the same woman. How Seeta dates all three of them together in a bid to not just choose one but to also try and experience love is what follows in the rest of the plot.

Filmmaker Chandra Pemmaraju gives a very Amelie (2001) feel to Seeta's character who has an ethereal appeal around her right since childhood and for very vague reasons best understood by the filmmaker himself, attract every man who lays his eyes on her. A chapter wise narrative used many years ago in cinema is what the filmmaker uses in his film making it very jaded, predictable and monotonous.

Moreover, there are so many things left on assumption that after a point of time you stop question why certain things are happening in the film. For example, the entire love at first sight syndrome, the girls who have their interests in the guys helping them in order to get Seeta and then taking them back after being rejected by Seeta.

On the acting front, almost every actor gives a half hearted attempt and show their amateurish approach towards the film.

To sum it up, Love, Lies and Seeta, if for a better script, could've made for good film. Sadly, it just bites the dust.
Critic: Mansha Rastogi
 1 out of 5 (Poor) 1 out of 5 (Poor)  

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