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Idiots  (2012)  (Malayalam)

Two strangers meet in the course of a journey with specific intentions. Their meeting was quite accidental but very soon there developed an inseparable relation between them. They even forget the purpose of their life.

With the intervention of Freddy, the plot takes a new turn. 'Idiots' directed by K S Bava tells this eventful story.

Asif Ali and Sanoosha play the hero and heroine who are nameless. Baburaj does the role of Freddy. 'Idiots' is a fun film with the right mix of humor and romance.

Asif Ali does a fun loving character in this movie which presents a story with characters representing the present generation, their thoughts, and the problems arising out of it.

'Idiots' is the first film produced by Sangeeth Sivan in Malayalam along with T P Agarwal under the banner of Sangeeth Sivan Productions and Capital films. K S Bava and Anwar Hussain pen the script for the movie.