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D Company  (2013)  (Malayalam)
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D Company Synopsis

| Cast & Crew
D company, the first solely action-oriented anthology in Malayalam is slated to be a 2013 Onam release. It was announced at first that there would be five films from directors Shaji Kailas, Joshiy, M.Padmakumar, Diphan and VInod Vijayan, but later on, the movie was split into two parts with the first one featuring the latter three director's movies. It is jointly produced by K Mohanan of Seven Arts and Vinod Vijayan.

Oru Bolivian Diary 1995

The first movie, titled 'Oru Bolivian Diary 1995' is directed by M.Padmakumar and will feature Tamil actor Samuthirakani, Asif Ali and Ananya in the lead roles. It is written by G S Anil. Samuthirakani plays the role of a North Indian Maoist Leader 'Chaukidar' who comes to Wayanad to spread his ideas and ideologies among the local tribes. Narain plays the role of a cop, who narrates the story of his manhunt for Chaukidar, to a reporter (played by Ananya), 15 years after the incident. Asif Ali enacts the role of 'Chinnan', a tribal youth who is enthralled by Chaukidar's visions and ideas.

Gangs of Vadakkumnathan

'Gangs of Vadakkumnathan', the second movie in the anthology is written by Anoop Menon and directed by Diphan. Jayasurya, Anoop Menon and Unni Mukundan will play the lead roles in this film. Jayasurya enacts the role of 'Varaalu Jaison', a local goon in Thrissur. This gangster movie deals with the gang wars in Thrissur with a backdrop in religion. Unni Mukundan plays the role of a brilliant police office with negative shades.


The Fahad Fazil starrer, written and directed by Vinod Vijayan is the third movie in this series and has Bhama, Tanusree Ghosh and Esther Anil playing other prominent roles. Fahad Fazil portrays the role of a law student, while Bhama is paired opposite him. 'Ee Adutha Kaalath' fame Tanusree Ghosh plays the role of Trainee Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Bharani K Dharan, Vinod Ilamppily and Pappu handle the camera in this anthology. Rahul Raj, Gopi Sundar and Ratheesh Vega handle the music department and the most important factor in this series- the action choreography-is provided by Mafia Sasi, Pazhani Raja and Anpumani Arivumani.