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Chandran (Jayaram) is a farmer who lives in a village in the Palakkad-Coimbatore border. He is a widower. He gets involved in any issues of the villagers and tries to find a solution. Jayapalan (Tini Tom) who is a true friend to Chandran looks after his son and is also a companion to Chandran in times of need.

One day the two friends went to Coimbatore to buy a sports car. The incidents that took place in that journey mark a turning point in the life of Jayapalan. Many times he became a victim to the pranks by a girl, Maya (Mekhna Raj). Later when he realized her real intentions he too joined to help her.

The film narrates the problems an innocent man faces, with a touch of humor. 'Madirashi' also has a suspense element in its storyline.

Meera Nandan also does an important role in this movie as a teacher to Chandran's son, Appu. Jayaram does the role of a humane character who gives great importance to values and virtues. The film also conveys a strong message.


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