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Kukkiliyar  (2014)  (Malayalam)
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Kukkiliyar Synopsis

| Cast & Crew
Kukkiliyar is the name given to the old man by the villagers, as he was not ready to reveal his real name and nativity. He is around seventy and lives a lonely life in the temple premises.

Sudhi is the youth leader of that village. He has a group of friends who gets involved in all the activities of the area. Sudhi hates Kukkiliyar and tries to tease him whenever he gets a chance.

At a crucial point, Sudhi was forced to help Kukkiliyar. The eventful incidents that follow unfold the rest of the plot.

Manoj K Jayan does the title role in this film directed by Nemam Pushparaj. Manoj K Jayan does the double role of the seventy year old Kukkiliyar and the forty five year old Singapore malayalee Raghavan Nair. Tamil actor Sajithraj plays Sudhi. Archana Kavi plays Sarayu, a college student who is in love with Sudhi.

Madhu, Sudhish, Prakash Bare, Maniyanpilla Raju, Indrans, Mala Aravindan, Seetha, and Sukumari are the other important actors.