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Idi Mamulu Prema Katha Kadu  (2012)  (Telugu)
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Idi Mamulu Prema Katha Kadu Review

'Idi Mamoolu Prema Katha Kadu' is an attempt worth talking about. 2.5 out of 5 (Fairly Good) Idi Mamulu Prema Katha Kadu NOWRUNNING REVIEW | Haricharan Pudipeddi (NOWRUNNING)
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 2.5 out of 5 (Fairly Good) 2.5 out of 5 (Fairly Good)  
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Much to our surprise, every now and then, we stumble upon films that appear promising but fail to make it large, overall. One among the films is 'Idi Mamoolu Prema Katha Kadu', with its intriguing title and an equally different yet simple story line manages to strike a chord with the audience. However, the reason this film fails to make it large is because it doesn't possess commercially-successful elements.

Here comes a love story that's cliche-free and thanks to the director for giving us something different. The film focuses on the relationship between a boy and girl, since their school days to eventually going on to marry each other however only after becoming successful in life. Instead of throwing a typical love story with struggle, sex and deceit; the director actually shows the responsibility of every teenager.

We see that this is the age for youngsters to have focused goals, ambition and fire to become successful in life before they are ready to express their feelings. In short, although one is free to love and be loved but before they choose to do so, they should also think about their future.

An ideal student is perfectly portrayed by the director, who seems to be hard to find these days. Besides a simple story the film doesn't bring forth anything else of much value. The newcomers shine in their respective roles without giving any room for criticism. I believe that's the advantage of having a cast full of new faces because they're hardworking, promising and highly talented.

In essence; a film need not boast of superstars and grandiose sets to be adjudged outstanding. A simple story with a sincere message and some honest acting is more than enough to keep the audience hooked to their seats.
Critic: Haricharan Pudipeddi
 2.5 out of 5 (Fairly Good) 2.5 out of 5 (Fairly Good)  

0.0 - 1.4 : Poor
1.5 - 1.7: Poor, A Few Good Parts
1.8 - 2.3: Average
2.4 - 2.9: Fairly Good
3.0 - 3.4: Good
3.5 - 5.0: Very Good

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