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V M Vinu's 'Face to Face' tells the story of the celebrations of urban life, the value deterioration in family life, and the life of people who are not blessed with the love and presence of their near and dear ones.

Mammootty dons the role of Balachandran, an investigative officer who wants to disclose the mystery behind the silent murders happening in the city.

Balachandran leads a luxurious life in a bungalow in the suburbs of the city. He does an array of businesses - real estate, share marketing and many more.

Once he was at a highly esteemed position. His decisions were always a headache to the subordinates. They disliked him and the conflicts and confrontations gradually led him to an isolated and lonely life. In the meantime, Balachandran was forced to expose the truth behind a tragedy that occurs in his life. 'Face to Face' highlights the mental conflicts faced by Balachandran as a part of his investigation.

The film also raises the issue of however strong the rules are they are often disobeyed. As the title suggests this is Balachandran's face to face fight with the modern times which cannot even distinguish between virtue and vice.

Roma is the female lead along with fresh faces. New faces Gautam, Rishidas, and Rohit play Rahul, Shyam, and Adityan respectively.

Scripted by Manoj Payyanur, the film is produced by M K Nazer under the banner of Goodline Movies.


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