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Da Thadiya  (2012)  (Malayalam)
As the name suggests this is the story of an obese person. Two cousins, one fat (Luka) and the other lean (Sunny), are the main characters. The main character Luka (Shekhar Menon) is the youngest member of the family which calls the shot in the local political Party, Prakash Congress. Sunny is the son of Luka's father's brother.

Their grandfather, Prakash Mattedath, who was the leader of Prakash Congress and the first Mayor of Kochi, was a very fat man. Luka has the same body nature as his grandfather. So his grandmother liked him more than Sunny and pampered him with more food when he was a child.

Though there were minor difficulties related to his obesity during the childhood, now his look is accepted by everyone.

Luka had a childhood friend Ann Mary (Ann Augustine). She was also plump and chubby when she was a child. But now when she returns to her native place, she looked so slim and beautiful. Luka feared whether Ann Mary will be able to love him despite his having a fat body. Ann Mary reveals the secret behind her beauty and advised him to lose his weight.

Now Luka also decides to get slim and the rest of the story tells in an interesting way what happens in his attempt to be physically fit.

'Da Thadiya' is Ashiq Abu's next venture after the box office hits 'Salt and Pepper' and '22 Female Kottayam'. The movie will have D J Sekhar debuting as the lead hero Luka Prakash. Nivin Pauly will appear in a cameo role in the movie. Thesni Khan will do the role of a mother in 'Da Thadiya'. She plays a modern mom to Ann Augustine.