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'Chettayees' is the amusing story of five friends. The story revolves round the happenings taking place in two days. These 5 friends occasionally meet at Adv. John Pallan's (Lal) flat. John Pallan is a divorcee. Their celebration creates nuisance to the other residents of the flat. But none of them was bothered about it.

As part of a New Year celebration the 'chettayees' get together at the flat. Their celebration that started on December 30th continued till January 1st morning. Something intriguing happens on the New Year's Eve that turns their life upside down.

'Chettayees', scripted by Sachi, casts Lal as Adv John Pallan, Biju Menon as Kichu, Suresh Krishna as film actor Roopesh Krishna, Sunil Babu as Babukuttan, and Sukumar as Bava, the owner of 'Bavas Biriyanikada'.

Directed by Shajoon Kariyal, the movie is produced by Thakkali Films co-owned by Biju Menon, Suresh Krishna, P Sukumar, Sachi, and Shajoon Kariyal. Deepak Dev tunes music to the lyrics of Rajeev Nair.


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