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Village Guys  (2015)  (Malayalam)
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Village Guys Synopsis

| Cast & Crew
'Village Guys' tells the story of 4 village guys from varied backgrounds and the girl whom they come across.

Sudeendran, Anwar, Yadhu, and Achayan are the four friends. Among them only Achayen is married and the others are bachelors.

Sudeendran is the son of a traditional medical practitioner. Anwar has only his mother to look after. As they have not many responsibilities they lead an easy going life enjoying life to the fullest.

Their main time pass is making fun with someone or other or doing silly mischiefs. So the villagers were not fond of them. One day they were caught by Police for a petty case and were arrested. They continued their way of life when they get out of the lock up.

One day on his way to the town, Sudeendran come across a girl with whom he falls in love at first sight. When Sudhi comes to the village with the girl, it creates problems in the life of the other three and even their family.

The movie takes a complete twist from here on.

Nirmal Jacob, Asokan, Hanishkhani, Minas, and Nakshatra do the lead roles.

Directed by Shan the screenplay is penned by Subod Cherthala for the story of Saifali. In the banner of P B S Productions, 'Village Guys' is produced by Prakash, Basheer, and Shahul.