Ranjith's sole aim in life is to become a rich man and thus to lead a happy, contented life. In order to become a billionaire he thinks of two ways; either to take a lottery ticket or to become a film star.

But both the attempts failed miserably. In his attempt to become a film artist he comes across junior artist Janaki. Their friendship soon develops into a love affair and eventually they get married.

Then both of them together think of a new idea to become rich and that is surrogacy. Thus Ranjith and Janaki meet infertility specialist Dr Joseph Chittilappally and convey their intentions. But the turn of events take them to more troubles. 'Lucky Star' plots the eventful life that follows in a humorous way.

Directed by debutante Deepu Anthikad, the movie stars Jayaram and Rachana Narayanankutty in the lead roles. The movie is produced by Milan Jaleel.

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