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Mr. Fraud  (2014)  (Malayalam)
'Mr Fraud' is set around a famous kovilakom which is known for its pedigree and tradition. Most of the people in the village are in somehow related to this kovilakom. Once there reach a prominent person from Delhi in the kovilakom to solve a main issue there. Consequently, instead of a solution, the... Read Synopsis

Director: B. Unnikrishnan
Producer: A V Anoop
Production Co: A.V.A Productions
Music Director: Gopi Sunder
Cast: Mohanlal, Pallavi Chandran, Vijay Babu, Siddique, Dev Gill, Saikumar, Suresh Krishna, Rahul Madhav, Ashvin Matthew, Arjun Nandakumar, Vijayakumari, Sathar, Rajeev Parameshwar, Miya, Devan  Complete Cast & Crew

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