Satyanathen (Jayaram) is a teacher at Vivekodayam school, Thrissur . His wife Priya (Gopika) is a bank employee. They lead a happy life together. Satyanathan has a lot of friends and he leads a somewhat lazy life.

Once he is assigned an official duty and the responsibility of the duty put tremendous pressure on him. Their attempt to get rid of the responsibility and tension affect Priya's life too. The following incidents form the plot of 'Bharya Athra Pora'.

The film peeps into the family life of today's Malayalee. Directed by Akku Akbar, the film is scripted by K Girishkumar. Saikumar, Aju Varghese, Sunil Sugatha, Balachandran Chullikad, Sanju, Jayaraj Varier, Kalabhavan Salim, and Reena Basheer also include the cast.

The movie is produced by Anto Joseph and the camerawork is by Jibu Jacob.

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