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Paisa  (2014)  (Telugu)
(1.8 / 5)  : Average (1.8 / 5) : Average  

Paisa is one such movie where execution kills when the intent is good.
   Fri, 07 Feb 2014
Prakash (Nani) is a young lad who loves and lives (for) money. And there is Noor (Catherine), a muslim girl who loves him a lot but Nani ignores him due to her poor background. Prakash tries to woo a rich girl, Sweety (Siddhika Sharma), the only daughter of politician, Sanyasi Naidu. Irked by their closeness, Noor enters in to a trouble after agreeing to marry a old Dubai sheik due to her poverty. Nani tries to save her and it leads him to a Hawala of 50 Crores. Rest of the story is how Nani gets out of the mess.

Nani gets a tailor made character in Paisa. He is seen as money loving and irresponsible young lad. He performed well in the role of rough and tough Hyderabadi lad. Catherine Tresa is good and Siddhika Sharma has the oomph to stay but her role is limited. Charan Raj disappoints in his comeback as a shrewd politician. Rest of the roles is not so significant to mention.

Krishna Vamsi seems to be only a mere shadow of a great director once. He tries hard to prove a point in the movie but things get often shaky. The subject of an underdog making it big always strike chord with audience but it is not the case with Paisa. Screenplay by Padmasri- K.K. Benoji - Patrikeya is totally a damp squid making things worse.

Cinematography is very poor with shaky camera angles. Sai Karthik's music is loud. The songs are good but poorly shot. Editing totally lacks consistency and VFX shots are awful. Production values are decent.

Paisa is one such movie where execution kills when the intent is good. The entertainment values are almost zero and you do not connect to the movie due to its loudness and over board performances. However, it gets slightly better in the second half due to chases and investigation. But it can never save Paisa from becoming another 'No Paisa Vasool' stuff from Krishna Vamsi.
Critic: NR
(1.8 / 5)  : Average (1.8 / 5) : Average  

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