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'Salaam Kashmir' is a military based thriller, the plot of which revolves around two main characters - Tomy Eppen and Sreekumar.

Sreekumar (Jayaram) and his wife (Mia) lead a blissful life. Sreekumar loves his wife very much and helps her in all the domestic activities. The entry of Tomy Eppen into their life makes a drastic change in Sreekumar's life.

Sreekumar can no longer be with his family. The movie also unfolds the mysterious past of Tomy and Sreekumar leading to present situation.

The movie is directed by Joshiy who had earlier directed super hit films like 'Nair Saab' and 'Sainyam' which were also set in defense background.

'Salaam Kashmir' is produced by Maha Subair. Lalu Alex, Krishnakumar, Vijayaraghavan, and Ponnamma Babu also appear in this movie. Music is composed by M Jayachandran.


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