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One katham is equal to 16 kilometers. 'North 24 Katham' narrates the story of a journey which covers 24 katham. 'North 24 Katham' is written and directed by debutante Anil Radhakrishnan Menon.

Harikrishnan (Fahad Fazil), Gopalan (Nedumudi Venu), and Narayani (Swati Reddy) are three strangers. Harikrishnan is an IT professional. Gopalan is a yesteryear Marxist and now busy with various socio political issues. Narayani is a social worker.

Three of them undertake a journey and the amusing incidents that take place in the course of this journey is presented hilariously in 'North 24 Katham'.

Produced under the banner of E 4 Entertainment, Jayesh Nair handles the camera for 'North 24 Katham'. Govind Menon composes music for the lines of Rafeeq Ahmed.


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