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Public Prosecutor Mathen Tharakan (Sreenivasan) is on a journey from Kottayam to Kochi with Sereena (Lena), the main witness of a controversial case. CI Alex Kuruvila (Vijay Kumar) helps them in all the way possible.

They are followed by Zakeer (Manikkuttan) and Arjun (Prashanth), assistants of Tomichen, who is the most feared goon in Kochi. Their aim is to somehow not allow Sereena to reach the court as the case is very important to them.

It is at this time Manu (Asif Ali) reaches Kochi from Dubai with a specific aim. Manu is helped by Abhirami (Mythili) who is his college mate. Taxi driver Muhammed (Lal) also has a particular aim to fulfill.

Directed by Vasudeva Sanal, 'Red' is a thriller film which to a great extend is narrated through a journey. The script is written by Arun Gopinath, Anish Francis, and Praveen Kumar.

In the banner of Good Company and Angel Works, 'Red' is produced by Aji Medayil, Joe Kaithamattom, and Christi Kaithamattom. Gopi Sunder tunes music for the lines of Rafeeq Ahmed.


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