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Sachi (Jayaram) is an agricultural officer in the village of Aryampadam. He leads a happy and contented married life with his wife Shyama (Meera Jasmine) and a daughter. They cultivate crops and vegetables in their backyard. Their family life is considered an example by others in the village.

To add to the happiness of Sachi, his close friend Jose (Manoj K Jayan) reaches their village from Dubai on a vacation. They have a great time together reminiscing the good old days they spent together. But their ways take them to wrong directions. The following events in the life of Sachi are plotted in 'Onnum Mindathe' directed by Sugeeth.

The story, script, and dialogues are penned by Rajesh Raghavan. Safer Sait produces 'Onnum Mindathe' under the banner of Qurban Films.


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