Directed by debutant Jude Antony, 'Om Santi Osana' explores an interesting love story in the backdrop of a village.

Dr Mathai's (Renji Panicker) daughter Puja (Nazriya Nazim) is a medical student. She is in love with Giri (Nivin Pauly), a farmer by profession. Though a Masters Degree holder, Giri's interest lies in agriculture. Vineeth Sreenivasan dons Dr Prasad Varkey, a guest lecturer who teaches Puja. 'Om Shanti Osana' narrates the interesting incidents taking place in the life of these characters in a hilarious way.

Vijayaraghavan and Aju Varghese also appear in main roles. Mithun Manuel scripts 'Om Santi Osana' which is produced by Alwin Antony in the banner of Ananya Films. Vinod Illyamppilly wields the camera and Shan Rehman composes music.

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