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Carol  (2016)  (English)
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Carol Reviews

Critics Rating: |  4 Reviews
 3.3 out of 5 (Good) 3.3 out of 5 (Good)  
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Critic Reviews
The soul of the film is in the little details rather than the broader, more easily understood movements of plot and character. If you're watching Carol, watch it closely. Not a lot happens, but an entire world is revealed.

Uday Bhatia (Livemint) | Read Full Review

It's sad that the film doesn't do justice to its actors as far as dialogues go. While Blanchett not surprisingly is great as this very rich and polished yet dangerously brittle woman who starts off as the more confident and even a tad pushy one in the affair, Mara is a revelation as a girl who is as vulnerable as she is generous.

Carol Review RatingShalini Langer (The Indian Express) | Read Full Review

The fine screenplay drains away the sourness of the book; what remains is a production of clean and frictionless beauty, down to the last, strokable inch of clothing and skin. Inside the showcase is a storm of feeling. With Sarah Paulson, as Carol's best friend.

Anthony Lane (The Newyorker) | Read Full Review

This film does not belong to the kind everyone enjoys, it's one of those made in super good-taste to cast a spell worth volumes. Though it's a worthwhile watch in every regard, the brilliant performances alone can be the reason for one to make time for this one!

Carol Review RatingKriti Tulsiani (IBN Live) | Read Full Review

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