(2.8 / 5)  : Above Average (2.8 / 5) : Above Average

Director Gaurav Pandey's begins with a lot of promise but, unfortunately the promise receives a not so happening end.
Anurima Das
   Sun, 08 Dec 2013
A lot of changes happen much before we can anticipate the same. Computer has become part and parcel of our lives, this technological advancement and the sudden '.com' boon has brought mixed reactions all over. What happens when this machine reaches the interior districts of West Bengal?
Surprise is a genuine emotion that is bound to up splurge in such a case. A lot more happens as well. Director Gaurav Pandey builds his narrative for around the sudden movement of computers into the simple lives of district school teachers.

Anjaniputra Sen Sharma (Prosenjit Chatterjee) is an ordinary math's teacher of a district school in West Bengal. He lives an ordinary life sans aspirations of becoming rich. His wife Tanusree (Mousumi Bhattacharya) is a part of his everyday life and adjusts to his ordinary living with a smile. It is the arrival of the computer that completely turned their ordinary existence difficult and nightmarish.

A sudden chat invitation became a good enough reason to keep Anjaniputra hooked to the computer. As with every passing day his knowledge increased, he became all the more alien to his known life. A sudden turn of events disturbed him and motivated him to travel as far as Iceland.

Cinematography, picturesque locations and effective usage of music does create a strong backbone for Pandey's But for a man like Anjaniputra who has not steeped out of Bashirhaat, his journey to an unknown land - Iceland could have been an excellent and interesting discovery. But a strictly linear plot analysis and very one plus one way of problem solving dissolves all the opportunities of subplots in

Fragments of surreal patches in the film remain quite unresolved until the end. Actor Prosenjit Chatterjee deserves applauds for his extraordinary portrayal of the ordinary. While Gaurav pandey and his daughter Saloni Pandey are impressive but the other characters remain quite half baked in

Even though the morning was bright and sunny, but the day did not hold the promises of the morning. Gaurav Pandey's could have been tagged as a thrilling thriller quite easily but the train missed the station by a few minutes.
Critic: Anurima Das
(2.8 / 5)  : Above Average (2.8 / 5) : Above Average

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