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Jaatiswar  (2014)  (Bengali)
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Jaatiswar Review

Srijit Mukherji's Jaatishwar is no ordinary story. It is the story of a Bengal we know and the Bengal which we assume was, but don't know much. The film definitely is a pride booster for all Bengalis and is truly a marvelous 'musical journey of memories'.
4 out of 5 (Very Good) Jaatiswar NOWRUNNING REVIEW | Anurima
Rating: Crictiq: 4.0 - Read Review  4/5
Nowrunning Critics: 4.0/5
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When it is a Srijit Mukherji film, then the film is bound to be a complete work. The story, the narrative, the idea and definitely the presentation have to amuse, excite and evoke much thought. Made in Bangla, for the Bengalis at heart Jaatishwar is undoubtedly the best from the Director so far.

Jaatishwar deals with the idea of rebirth, to be born again centuries later to complete an incomplete task. But keeping the simplicity of such a cosmic subject was nothing less than a task for Mukherji. Yet he weaves in facts - centuries old with a highly inspirational love story to bring into the fore front the story of Heynesman Antony.

Gujarati boy Rohit Mehta (Jisshu Sengupta) is in love with the 'Bengali by pride' and feminist RJ Mahamaya (Swastika Mukherjee). She is hardly bothered and challenges him to learn and compose in Bengali. The love struck Rohit fights his destiny and opts to follow the difficult path, which he believes will lead him to Mahamaya. It is this narrative that suddenly crosses paths with the memories, memories of Kushal Hazra (Prosenjit Chatterjee). The fight to find Antony's history makes Rohit come face to face with this librarian Hazra, who is actually the Jaatishwar of Portuguese bard Antony.

The journey that Srjit etches out is filled with trials and glory; he etches the same with music. The narrative in itself is rhythmic and is balanced well with the memories and music. The 13 Kabiyal songs, songs of Bengali composers including Antony Firingee, Bhola Moira, Ram Basu and Thakur Singh opens up a distinct historical angle for the story of Antony. Brilliant acting, rather very sensible and proportionate acting by a league of brilliant actors and Kabir Suman's voice, music and lyrics makes Jaatishwar nothing less than a history. Which Bengali cinema will treasure for years to come.

To summarize, Srijit Mukherji's Jaatishwar is a must watch as the film definitely is a pride booster for all Bengalis and is truly a marvelous 'musical journey of memories'. Apart from the beauty of Srijit's narrative and Prosenjit's Antony, the film also brings back Bengal's versifier Kabir Suman and his tunes churns a glory all over again.
Critic: Anurima
 4 out of 5 (Very Good) 4 out of 5 (Very Good)  

0.0 - 1.4 : Poor
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