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Manglish  (2014)  (Malayalam)
Malik Bhai (Mammootty), a native of Mattancherry is a whole sale fish seller. Nothing will happen in that market without the knowledge and presence of Malik Bhai.

Malik Bhai is part and parcel of whatever happens in the place. He is ready to help others, at the same time deals with people according to their ways and character. So his decisions are accepted by all. It is then that an English lady Michelle arrives in search of Malik Bhai.

Michelle speaks English and Malik Bhai Malayalam. They cannot follow each other's language. Michelle has certain objectives to attain for which she needs the help of Malik Bhai.

But she does not want a third person who knows English to know her motive. 'Manglish' picturizes the interesting events that happen in their life, when they try to communicate each other in two different languages.

'Manglish' is directed by Salam Bappu and produced by Haneef Muhammed under the banner of Red Rose Creations. Caroline Beck from Poland does the role of Michelle.

Tini Tom, Vinay Fort, Jojo, Mukundan, Sudhir Karamana, Ramu, Sathar, Raveendran, Sunil Sugatha, Kalinga Sasi, Kalabhavan Rahman, Chembil Asokan, Srinta Ashab, Sreedhanya,and Hima Rose are the other main actors.

Pratheesh Varma is the cameraman. Gopi Sunder composes music for the lyrics by Rafeeq Ahmed and Santhosh Varma.