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Biye Notout  (2014)  (Bengali)
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Biye Notout Review


(2.4 / 5)  : Above Average (2.4 / 5) : Above Average  

Witty dialogues, a few good sequences and a story film is all that Biye Not Out has to its credit. Watch if you are too keen on watching a Bengali film.
Anurima Das
   Mon, 24 Feb 2014
Who said Marriages and Divorces are typical plots of Hollywood? First Bollywood began to master them and now our next door Directors are sharpening there understanding about this confusing institution. Is it because that is the reality of the wannabe generation? Or is it because the audience will sympathize and feel liberated while watching such films? While no concrete answers are available there comes yet another film Biye Not Out, which again takes a bold step towards the subject of staying together or staying apart.

Director duo Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy adapts to a love, romance and then separation after a long peaceful marriage of 8 years as their plotline for Biye Not Out. What habits o your partner you love, suddenly hangs on your throat and makes you choke. Rina (Rituparna Sengupta) and Nikhil (Tota Roychowdhury) are married for 8 long years and suddenly someday they are too tired to accept each other. What follows is a series of hits and misses. Old flames suddenly jump into the narrative to make the settled curd tastier.
The actors are good. Both Rituparna Sengupta and Tota Roychowdhury have quite responsibly handled their roles and their chemistry on screen is exciting and believable. From love to a failed marriage, the audience can very well identify with them, through their changing expressions and body language. The other actors are good and memorable at certain instances.

To sum up, amongst every flaws and Biye Not Out can be credited for witty dialogues, a few good sequences and a story. Watch if you are too keen on watching a Bengali film.
Critic: Anurima Das
(2.4 / 5)  : Above Average (2.4 / 5) : Above Average  


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