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Arundhati  (2014)  (Bengali)
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Arundhati Review

(2.8 / 5)  : Above Average (2.8 / 5) : Above Average  

A single screen single viewing of Arundhati is enough to pour yourself within the majestic and extravagant world of the queen and her evil threats. Watch for sheer entertainment!
Anurima Das
   Wed, 04 Jun 2014
The story of reincarnation and rebirth is nothing new. Enough of excitement has been generated with stories of this sort for long. The underlying enigma of this theme however does not fail to excite though and there are enough reasons for one to fall prey to stories like this again and again. Arundhati explores this storyline quite proudly but with a twist. The original Telegu version had already sealed its place quite strongly in the audience's mind, when an official bengali remake hits the theatres.
Mishti (Koel Mallick) is the rebirth or her great grandmother Rani Arundhati and is born once again after years to finish off the evil soul Kalrudra. The film follows the ill-fated story of the royal family of Dhulibari. Mishti (Koel) is the daughter of this princely family who is the fjrst born daughter after her great grandmother. On visiting the ancesteral home for her marriage, she comes to know that she is the spitting image of her great-grandmother. She also gets to know that Arundhati gave her life to protect her people from the evil Rudra (Indraneil), whom she had buried alive with a lot of hymns and chants. Mishti finally accepts the role she was born to keep alive. The tasks she had infront of her, was the unfinished tasks or her great grandmother. Of slaying Rudra with the final blow.

The cast apart from Koel and Indraneil, is equally talented and superbly fits their roles perfectly well. Soma Chakrabarty, Debshankar Halder are really good and have excellent screen presence. Indraneil as the kalrudra Successfully demonstrates evil and is bound to haunt the audience with his looks and mannerisms. The special effects of Arundhati is also commendable and brilliantly seals in the story and the cast together.

To conclude, even though the film is incomplete without its Telegu counterpart and the main narrative. But the bengali clone by Sujit Mandal will not dissapoint and there is enough granduer and superiority in terms of the sets and mis en scene, that you will surely not want to miss. An uno watch will not bother you much though.
Critic: Anurima Das
(2.8 / 5)  : Above Average (2.8 / 5) : Above Average  

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