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Captain America: Civil War  ( UA ) (2016)  (English)
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Language: English
Director: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Producer: Kevin Feige, Christoph Fisser
Production Co: Marvel Studios, Marvel Entertainment,
Music Director: Henry Jackman
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Political interference in the Avenger's activities causes a rift between former allies Captain America and Iron Man. Read More...
Release Date: May 06 2016 (India)

Rating:  4.2/5
Nowrunning Critics: 4.0/5 | External Critics: 4.5/5 | Users: 4.7/5
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Nowrunning Reviews
While one part of the world is grappling with 'Who watches the watchmen?' style dilemma, the others have discovered that someone is bent upon undermining their world. This is an action-filled movie with crackling dialog and ethical dilemmas presented so well, you are forced to take sides. Brilliant watch!

Captain America: Civil War Review RatingManisha Lakhe | Read Full Review

External Reviews
Captain America: Civil War Review RatingJyoti Sharma Bawa (

What happens after superheroes do their superdeeds, vanquish the baddies and head home for a quiet supper? People count their dead. It seems governments of the world (and audience) can look away no more. In Captain America: Civil War, collateral damage not only catches up with the Avengers, it divides them in the middle.
Avenger fights Avenger, audience wins...
  Read Full Review

Stephanie Zacharek (

Captain America: Civil War Is Blessedly Light on Its Feet.
Chris Evans as Captain America-with that retro-patriotic turtle-shell of a shield strapped on his back, and muscles sculpted into the exaggerated proportions of a parade balloon-looks completely ridiculous.
  Read Full Review

A.O. Scott (The New York Times)

"Captain America: Civil War" does not in any way transcend the conventions of the genre. On the contrary: It succeeds because it doesn't really try. It's not so much a grand science-fiction saga, or even a series of action-adventure movies, as a very expensive, perpetually renewed workplace sitcom.  Read Full Review

Captain America: Civil War Review RatingDan Jolin (Empire)

Captain America: Civil War is the best Marvel Studios movie yet. It's even bolder that the conflict at the film's heart doesn't pander to genre convention and become sidetracked by a grandstanding supervillain plot. And this is the second way Civil War earns our 'Greatest Marvel Yet' accolade: by rising above the series' greatest weakness.   Read Full Review

Captain America: Civil War Review RatingAnanya Bhattacharya (India Today)

Captain America: Civil War is among Marvel's best offerings so far. The film deals with many plotlines and while that does work against it at certain points, more often than not, Civil War is hugely satisfying. For an Avengers fan, the film is one colossal orgasm. The fight scenes are stunning and really well done.  Read Full Review

User Reviews:    Write Review

Rahul John Roy 
The world's best superheroes come down on each other and it just proves to be damn good. Everyone has their point made very clear in the movie. So you start rooting for a character, but soon forced to rethink on the decision. This is the best aspect about this movie. Both Cap and Iron Man prove equally good. The movie takes its time to buckle up. The antagonist has been brought out pretty well too. On the whole, this is a must watch for all the nerdy comic book fans and other people out there.   Captain America: Civil War User Rating

Hiran Narayanan 
This is how superhero movies should be made.
  Captain America: Civil War User Rating

kishor Solanki 
Very Very Very Good. In This Movie everything who I saw.   Captain America: Civil War User Rating

Deepu M 
Dont Miss It..   Captain America: Civil War User Rating

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