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Zootopia  (2016)  (English)
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Zootopia Reviews

| [ Also in 3D ]
Rating:  2.8/5
Nowrunning Critics: 2.5/5 | External Critics: 3.0/5
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Star Cast:
Ginnifer Goodwin
Ginnifer Goodwin
Alan Tudyk
Alan Tudyk

Nowrunning Reviews
Watch Zootopia for The Godfather scenes. Watch it for the little mice driving little cars. Watch it for 'Pawpsicles'. Watch it for the cool fox and and even cooler bunny. It is not as uplifting as The Good Dinosaur, but it is good, clean fun.

Zootopia Review RatingManisha Lakhe | Read Full Review

External Reviews
Mark Hughes (Forbes)

Zootopia is insanely entertaining from start to finish, Disney's best animated feature since Beauty and the Beast 25 years ago. It features wonderfully imaginative and joyfully expressive animation, consistently smart humor as well as fun-loving silliness that everyone will find amusing, instantly lovable and interesting characters, and remarkable commentary on race and culture far beyond simple representations of praising diversity.  Read Full Review

Zootopia Review RatingJordan Hoffman (The Guardian)

The world of Zootopia is one with no humans. All animals live together in basic tolerance.It's still Disney, though, and it concludes happily and without much nuance. Zootopia is Disney's furry fable that gets its claws out for the bigots.
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Joe Morgenstern (The Wall Street Journal)

It's always good news when a movie is good. Better still, "Zootopia" marks another step in the resurgence-the reanimation-of Walt Disney Animation Studios."Zootopia" is Yootopia if you're looking for jaunty fun.  Read Full Review

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