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Kabali  ( U ) (2016)  (Tamil)
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Kabali Reviews

Critics Rating: |  6 Reviews
 2.4 out of 5 (Fairly Good) 2.4 out of 5 (Fairly Good)  
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Critic Reviews
Kabali is definitely not your regular Rajini film and is most likely to disappoint his fans. The film is also not as gripping as Ranjith's critically acclaimed Madras. If not for the hype and stunning trailer, which promised an all-out Rajini masala entertainer, Kabali would have been far more enjoyable

Kabali Review RatingS Saraswathi (rediff) | Read Full Review

Kabali is all about stylish making, swanky locations and an all new re-invented superstar who plays his age. It is neither a Rajinikanth film nor a Ranjith film - it's a mixed bag!

Moviebuzz (Sify) | Read Full Review

Rajinikanth in a different dimension, but Kabali might not work for everyone. Theatres which are known to reverberate for Rajinikanth, seem a lot more silent for Kabali.

Kabali Review RatingBehindwoods Review Board ( | Read Full Review

'Kabali' is a film that you should not miss for Rajini's fantabulous acting, clap worthy dialogues, and sparkling emotional moments.

Kabali Review RatingIndiaGlitz ( | Read Full Review

But yes, it is great to see a dignified Superstar, acting his age. He does more for the movie than the movie does for him.

Baradwaj Rangan ( | Read Full Review

This was the time when Rajinikanth should have reinvented himself for his directors have long stopped bothering about plot and characterisation. For when Rajinikant is on and at it, who cares?

Kabali Review RatingShubhra Gupta ( | Read Full Review

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Harshvadan Shah
tremendous publicity was only to get back money invested.perhaps investment was recovered.but in spite of stylish Rajnikant superstars presence,movie did not create any thrill as such,may be due to the gangwar presentation was not to the mark.viewers were perplexed to know who fights whom. to capture the viewers interest, presentation of events flow is very important.   Kabali User Rating

Shivaraj Nair
True Review :

Just imagine this movie with different BGM and without nerupu da songs. If someone is watching, this is because of music and rajini sir. What a crap direction, I would say such a great opportunity wasted. Just fooled people with promotions. Fans spend thousands not to see this business, they need something to enjoy. Please don't cheat ranjith, Heartly everyone is disappointed and they are appreciating because they love rajini sir. Please stop making movies if u can't put effort.
  Kabali User Rating


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