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Wagah  ( U ) (2016)  (Tamil)
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Wagah Reviews

Rating:  1.9/5
| External Critics: 1.9/5 | Users: 2.3/5
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External Reviews
Wagah Review RatingIndiaGlitz (

'Wagah' impresses as a cross-border conflict flick with more emphasis on human emotions and humanitarian values. Over dependence on cinematic liberties spoils the impact it ought to have created.  Read Full Review

Baradwaj Rangan (

But how frustrating that even in this kind of action adventure, we cannot lay off the messages. Vasu talks about India and Pakistan, North and South Korea, Israel and Palestine. I kept waiting for a pigeon to light on his shoulder.  Read Full Review

Wagah Review RatingGautaman Bhaskaran (

Clearly a case of trying to force patriotic fervour out of the audiences. In this muddle, Wagah begins to look like an awfully amateurish effort.  Read Full Review

Moviebuzz (

Wagah doesn't have a shred of intelligence and is irresponsible film-making at its best.  Read Full Review

Wagah Review Rating (Behindwoods)

Wagah is neither a patriotic film nor a love film, it is somewhere in between. A cross-border romance script like this demands a more focused approach.  Read Full Review

User Reviews:    Write Review

George Phillip 
The movie is a good one. Don't go by what the immature review writers say. No doubt this could have been better. But guys, please go and watch the movie.   Wagah User Rating

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