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Our Brand Is Crisis  (2016)  (English)
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Our Brand Is Crisis Reviews

Rating:  2.8/5
| External Critics: 2.8/5
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External Reviews
Our Brand Is Crisis Review RatingSankhayan Ghosh (The Hindu)

Thankfully Our Brand is Crisis doesn't feel formulaic because of the droll humour and the off-handedness with which director David Gordon Green treats it.Yet, Our Brand is Crisis is a decently enjoyable fare that is completely watchable for the lead performances, dry humour and the formula done well.  Read Full Review

Mihir Fadnavis (Firstpost)

The high brow humor is itself passable but not very funny because it's not Green's comfort zone to begin with. Those looking for a better film are advised to buy or rent that film instead of risking some disappointment in this one. Despite its obvious positives the film is weighed down by its shortcomings to not warrant a recommendation.  Read Full Review

Our Brand Is Crisis Review RatingJohnson Thomas (Mid Day)

'Our Brand is Crisis' fails to work as a convincing political satire as the pranks devised as a show of aggressive competitiveness appear childish and the performances lack dramatic heft.At the end of it all we as an audience are left quite dissatisfied. What started off as promising ends up as indistinct.  Read Full Review

Manhola Dargis (The New York Times)

The fictional version of "Our Brand Is Crisis" - it was written by Peter Straughan and directed by David Gordon Green - borrows the outline of the documentary and fills it in with a little slapstick, patches of neo-screwball banter and a throng of pleasing support players. It's cute for a while. The stars are pros, and their scenes, often staged so that the characters are within breathing distance of each other, have snap.   Read Full Review

Scott Mendelson (Forbes)

The potency of Our Brand Is Crisis is not rooted in attempting to be shocking or trailblazing, but rather in the notion that everything we see is basically accepted as "the way things are done." Our Brand Is Crisis is not about farce or theatrics, and the fact that the campaign shenanigans feel genuinely plausible, and very recognizable to this American political junkie, makes the picture sting just a little sharper.  Read Full Review

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