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Money Monster  ( A ) (2016)  (English)
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Critic Reviews
When a glitch in the stock market results in a crash of a favorite stock, one disgruntled stockholder wants answers, by holding a gun to the head of the host of a financial TV show. As in all Hollywood movies, the police come into the scene and create chaos. Does the TV show aired live across the world help the man with the gun?

Money Monster Review RatingManisha Lakhe (Nowrunning) | Read Full Review

As for the film, as long as you don't go in expecting a critical indictment of Wall Street, and accept it for what it is - a pulpy B-movie - it's going to be an immensely satisfying couple of hours. Or hour.This isn't a particularly intelligent movie. But I think it knows that.

Money Monster Review RatingRohan Nahaar (Hindustan Times) | Read Full Review

"Money Monster" begins with a jolt of satire, proceeds through a maze of beat-the-clock exposition and lands on a surprisingly gentle, sentimental note."The Big Short," "Money Monster" is not offering explanation or catharsis. Instead, it supplies a curious sort of comfort.

A.O. Scott (The New York Times) | Read Full Review

As an indictment of Wall Street chicanery, it's largely toothless; as a pure thriller, it only quickens the pulse once or twice; as a conspiracy saga, its central mystery falls flat. It may not linger long in the memory after credits roll, but it's worth the modest time investment.

Andrew Barker (Variety) | Read Full Review

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