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The Man Who Knew Infinity  (2016)  (English)
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The Man Who Knew Infinity Reviews

Critics Rating: |  5 Reviews
 2.8 out of 5 (Fairly Good) 2.8 out of 5 (Fairly Good)  
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Critic Reviews
The journey of Srinivas Ramanujan from his poor home in Madras to his fellowship at Trinity College in Cambridge is beautifully captured. The professors Hardy and Littlewood make Mathematics look like such a delight. Jeremy Irons overshadows everything, Dev Patel included. There is that awful 'exotic India' hangover, but the movie pleases all parts of you, even if you earned poor marks in maths in school...

The Man Who Knew Infinity Review RatingManisha Lakhe (Nowrunning) | Read Full Review

The Man Who Knew Infinity is a timid and reverential representation that skims over the complex and sad story of genius mathematician S. Ramanujan.This is a steady biopic that plays by the numbers.

Udita Jhunjhunwala (Livemint) | Read Full Review

To its credit, the film makes complex mathematics fairly accessible, even to a non-math person. But what's the point if one fails to engage with the man behind the math? But The Man Who Knew Infinity is not about high-strung drama. It is decent, staid and cold like the interiors of Cambridge on a rainy day.

Sankhayan Ghosh (The Hindu) | Read Full Review

It's a film with its heart in the right place, but the problem of how to represent mathematical problems on screen is not really solved - the recent X+Y managed better. At the end, it looks like a treacly, albeit high-minded Sunday afternoon drama serial.

The Man Who Knew Infinity Review RatingPeter Bradshaw (The Guardian) | Read Full Review

The Man Who Knew Infinity is without a doubt worth a watch because of the nuanced performances by the lead stars and how Brown has shown the heart-warming relationship of Ramanujan and his mentor-turned-friend Hardy.Story wise, the makers have done a fine job to keep it to the point.

The Man Who Knew Infinity Review RatingNamrata Thakker (Rediff) | Read Full Review

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