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Vidya Anand  Tue, 22 Nov 2005

Cast: Surya, Trisha
Direction: Hari
Production: Saran
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Devi Sri Prasad has composed numbers in Aaru. Aaru is directed by Hari, and is produced by Saran. In all there are six numbers in the album. The movie is full of peppy, foot-tapping numbers. The tunes are composed with 'Chennaities taste' in mind.

Soda Bottle
This is the opening number of the film. It's full of energy and catchy lyrics. The song is written by N Muthukumar. A 'dappanguthu' number in nature, the song is a rap on Chennai culture with full of Chennai slangs.

This is a romantic number. Devi Prasad has fused classical with slow melody. This is a pleasant number aimed for slow music lovers.

Freeya Vudu
This song is not only racy and fast, but very rhythmic. The usual Pettai Rap stands out in the number.

A fast romantic number with lot of instrumentation. The song has an Anglican accent and is filled with peppy beats.

Director Hari has penned the song. The lyrics center on the idea of betrayal. A typical melody song...

Nenjam Ennum
Yet another speedy song with heavy percussion instruments. Thavil is used very shrewdly in this number.

All in all, Aaru is a rocking number and is sure to top the charts.