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Maya (Kaavya Madhavan) is an investigative reporter attached to New Bharath Television. Born and brought up in an orphanage, she knows what it is to be an orphan. Knowing she has a responsibility towards other unfortunate children who are similarly placed, she runs a small orphanage in a rented house, giving shelter to ten children picked from the streets. Father Kuthiravattom (Thilakan) supports her efforts. The children are enrolled in a prestigious school, where they make history by getting top scores in academic and extra-curricular activities. One of them, Devadas, is a mathematics wizard whose brain works faster than calculators.

Maya's colleague Roy is framed in a murder case and put in prison. All her efforts to get him released have been in vain. In the meantime, in the course of her work she uncovers certain truths that embarrass the government and the powers that be. She is kidnapped. To find her whereabouts and bring the culprits to book, the children who now have no one to look after them adopt ingenious ways. This is the gist of Adisayan's story.

Kaavya Madhavan has a lot of scope to display her histrionic skills in this film. Hindi actor Jackie Shroff plays a major role as Prof. RK Shekhar, who has been nominated for the Nobel Prize. Vinayan, who always adopts innovative narrative styles, continues the trend in this film. The film has a considerable amount of graphics work, which is being done in Hong Kong.


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