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Photographer is the first directorial venture of Ranjan Pramod who had earlier made his mark as a script writer having done the screenplay for such memorable hits as Meesa Madhavan, Manasinakkare, Achuvinte Amma and Naran.

The film is based on the Muthanga incident where innocent tribes got killed in police firing.

Mohanlal plays the role of Dijo John, a nature photographer. He is married to Sathyavathi. Theirs was a love marriage. Dijo John is a Christian and Sathya a Brahmin. They have a son called Saran. They have a happy life together.

The film tells the story of love, bereavement, pain and various incidents that take place in the life of an ordinary man.

Kannada actress Nithashree makes her debut appearance in Malayalam as Sathyavathi in this film. Ranjan Pramods own son Sowgandh plays the role of Saran.

Mohanlal appears in a double role as Dijo John and as a farmer in the film.

Shooting is progressing in Wayanad and parts of Calicut. The film is slated to be released during Ramzan.


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