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Pasumpon Thevar Varalaaru  (2008)  (Tamil)
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Pasumpon Thevar Varalaaru Synopsis

| Cast & Crew
After Kamaraj, it was EVR Periyar. Now it is 'Pasumpon' Muthuramalinga Thevar, a legendary revolutionary leader of Tamil Nadu.

Abraham Lincoln makes his debut as director with a 90-minute documentary, the first ever on Thevar. It to be released all over the world on April 4 through the digital cube system, marking the commemoration of the birth centenary of the leader who is even now worshipped by the Thevars, a dominant backward community in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu.

The first part of the film is based on the biography titled 'Mudisooda Mannar' written by Thevar's assistant A.R. Perumal. Thevar's portraits and visual clippings have been used to narrate his life history in the latter part of the film while 3D animation is used to depict his appearance in his younger days.

Thevar was born on October 30, 1908 in a landlord's family at Pasumpon in Ramanathapuram district. According to Abraham Lincoln, no full length film has been made on him so far. The documentary covers Thevar's life from birth to death. While he has used portraits to depict how Thevar looked (at some stages of his life he had a moustache), he has obtained from the Burma Government the video clips showing the leader's demeanor, dressing and lifestyle.

Thevar is portrayed in all dimensions. Not a single detail has been omitted. The house where the revolutionary leader lived and the temple of his family deity have also been filmed.

The documentary projects Thevar as a national leader. It throws enough light on his long and close association with Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. The public meetings addressed by Thevar on the birth anniversaries of Netaji in 1957 and 1962 at the Tamukkam Grounds, Madurai, have been included in the film as also the speeches by Thevar claiming that Netaji had lived at his estate in Pulichikulam in Ramanathapuram for two years (1946-47) at a time when it was believed that he had died in a plane crash over Taiwan on Aug.18, 1945. To substantiate Thevar's claim, the film carries estate manager Krishnamurthy's interview saying he had seen Netaji spending two years of his life from 1946 at the estate in the guise of a Swami and also shows a wireless communication tower set up by the British police in Narikudi police limits to keep tabs on Netaji.

Netaji had announced at a public meeting in Chennai on Sept. 3, 1939 that Thevar would be the head of the State unit of the Forward Block and conferred on the title of "South Indian Bose". Thevar had met Netaji around 1927. Where their first meeting took place is still a guessing game.

The arrest of Thevar following the 1957 Muthukulathur caste classes too has been incorporated. This has been done without a bias and hurting anybody's feelings, assures Abraham.

The Censor Board has cleared the film.