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Samskaravantha  (2009)  (Kannada)
(2.5 / 5)  : Above Average (2.5 / 5) : Above Average

'Samskaaravantha' is a must-see film simply because of the theme. The debutant director Parthasaarathy deserves to be appreciated for having ventured to make such a film.
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Produced under the banner of Sarathi Nath Creators and directed by debutant Paarthasarathy, 'Samskaaravantha' is based on the real life story of Mahadeva, an undertaker in Bangalore who had made it a mission to organize the funerals of unclaimed dead bodies. He had in fact done the funerals for thou... Read Synopsis
Released on February 13 2009
Director: K Parthasaarathi
Producer: K Parthasaarathi, K Raghunatha
Music Director: Sadguna and Nagesh
Cast: Kashi, Padma Vasanthi, Suchendra Prasad, Venu, Ashwath Ninasam, Venkat Rao, Rajeswari, Shanker, Gova Dattu  Complete Cast & Crew

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