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Nandakumar Kavil is ready with his film 'Avan', in which Vijay Yesudas turns actor.

In the film, Vijay Yesudas plays a singer who takes part in a reality show in a channel that has convicts who are also singers talking part in it.

Vijay had made his debut as a singer through 'Millennium Stars', which was released in 2000, and ten years later he makes his debut as an actor.

Balawho is getting busier in Malayalam, is doing a parallel role in the film. He plays a goon, while Muktha George plays his female lead. Others in the cast include actors as Anoop Menon, Jagathy Sreekumar, Riyaz Khan, Kottayam Nazeer and Indrans.

There are seven songs in the film written by Unnikrishnan Wayanad and that have been set to tune by Rajamani and Pandit Ramesh Narayanan.

The film was shot on locations at Colachel, Thakkala and Thiruvananthapuram.


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