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Pachuvum Kovalanum  (2011)  (Malayalam)
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Pachuvum Kovalanum Review

In Pachuvum Kovalanum, the script is all over the place and the bland direction sees to it that it never even remotely brings about anything that you are hoping for.
0.5 out of 5 (Poor) Pachuvum Kovalanum NOWRUNNING REVIEW | Veeyen
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Thaha's Pachuvum Kovalanum is an absolutely embarrassing cinematic piece that could only be endured with Eyes Wide Shut. Not making any sense whatsoever, it's a royal waste of time, money and effort that is truly unbelievable.

Mukesh plays Pachu, who is a television serial director by profession, and a highly successful one at that. Kovalan (Suraj Venjarammoodu) is his cousin brother and Assistant Director, who interferers in pretty much everything that Pachu does, and generally makes life a hell for him.

We are told that the two brothers have a great ancestry indeed, that had led them to being such creative artistes. Their mothers (played by Kalpana and Sona Nair) used to be Chavittu Nadakam artistes, who however had quit the scene after one of their performances brought the stage itself down.

Pachu also has a highly suspicious wife to deal with (Jyothirmayi), and a housemaid (Lekshmipriya) who is also one of his greatest fans. Wifey keeps track of his calls and conversations, while the latter woman puts in suggestions that would make the director's mega serial run for another twenty five years.

Now if only, all these appeared funny on screen as well. I was on the look out for an opportunity to stretch my lips into a smile at least for two and a half hours, with no luck indeed. And then I heard someone mumbling, where is the story????

Around half way through, they bring in a character in the form of Esthappan (Jagathy), whos is a serial producer as well as Pachu's father-in-law. A man who roams about with a great desire to act, Estehppan finally gets to play Gandhi himself in Pachu's new serial. And in the assassination scene, Kovalan who gets to play Godse shoots at the man, without realizing that the revolver is loaded in real!

With Pachu and Kovalan booked for murder, the story, you would expect would take a better turn. Instead it further plunges into absolute mayhem, and with an actress Sukanya (Meghna Raj) thrown into the picture, the last nail is finally driven on to this story coffin.

Acting is pretty okay throughout, be it Mukesh or Suraj, Meghna or Jyothirmayi. Its strange though, that even with Suraj around, the usual antics, one liners and quips were strangely missing in Pachuvum Kovalanum. It's a sober Suraj that you get to see in the film.

There is a whole lot of attempts to poke fun at mega serials in the film, and its ironic that it's exactly films as these, that had driven the crowds away from theaters. In Pachuvum Kovalanum, the script is all over the place and the bland direction sees to it that it never even remotely brings about anything that you are hoping for.
Critic: Veeyen
 0.5 out of 5 (Poor) 0.5 out of 5 (Poor)  

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