Abhirami (Archana Kavi) reaches Kerala from Mumbai in one fine morning. As she is not familiar with the place she seeks the help of Rahul, whom she saw there to go to Sohan's house.

Sohan was not there and she acquaints his mother. Sohan's mother entrusts his friend Rahul to take Abhi to Sohan. Rahul is a MBA student who stays at Mumbai. They go to Sohan's place on Rahul's bike.

After a day's journey both of them reached Sohan's place. Upon seeing Sohan, all her calculations gone wrong. The resulting events in the life of Abhirami plot the story of 'Abhiyum Njanum'.

Directed by S P Mahesh, new face Rohit does the role of Rahul. In the banner of Mumbai Cine Talkies, 'Abhiyum Njanum' is produced by Ramdas K Menon.

Lal, Salim Kumar, Rajath Menon, Guinness Pakru, Captain Raju, Menaka, Sweta Mohan, Gayatri are the other actors in this film.

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