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Oosaravelli  (2011)  (Telugu)
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Oosaravelli Review

Oosaravelli stands a class apart but fails to finish as a winner
3 out of 5 (Good) Oosaravelli NOWRUNNING REVIEW | Haricharan Pudipeddi
Rating: Crictiq: 3.0 - Read Review  3/5
Nowrunning Critics: 3.0/5 | Users: 2/5
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Of all the introduction scenes I've seen in the recent past, Oosaravelli undoubtedly is the best. what began as a perfect introduction for any hero ever before, Oosaravelli was shaping up to become one of the best movies of recent past, when it slips below expectations and fails to impress on the whole.

Tony is a happy-go-lucky guy who changes mood according to the situation. He falls head over heels for Niharika, who is already committed to someone else. Knowing the fact she is committed to someone else, Tony still craves for her and loves her in such a way that she eventually falls for him. In the mean time, Niharika and the audience come to know that Tony is working secretly on a mission, to wipe out an army of mafia. Why is he behind the mafia? Whom does he work for or is he a cop forms the rest of the story?

N.T.R steals the show with his acting but an uninspiring script crushes his performance. The hero character is introduced in such a way that audience expects him to be witty and administer his tricks on everybody. Instead, the film gradually transforms into a love story; thus killing all expectations and a brilliant start the film was blessed with. The comedy scenes between N.T.R, Raghu Babu and M.S Narayana keeps the first half entertaining and surprisingly their combination is limited to first half only. Second half brings forth reasons explaining why Tony is behind an army of mafia, who exactly he is. The suspense is brilliantly broken towards the end of first half, just before the interval. Absence of comedy and too much of flashback in the second makes the film bland and dull towards the end. In other words, Oosaravelli eventually fails to finish as a winner.

After a while, audience actually got to see N.T.R in a different role with less action and great scope for acting. He dealt his role carefully without giving any opportunity for anyone to point a finger or criticize. Tamannaah fills in as romantic quotient, giving the movie much need oomph factor by dancing her way through songs. Prakash Raj as always lives up to expectation and delivers what he is always best at.

Surendra Reddy shows signs of brilliance but fails to capitalize on the opportunity rendered to him. He starts off brilliantly but screws up big time somewhere in the middle and also struggles to finish the movie on a powerful note. His lack of experience is clearly visible on the screen. Devi's music, if not brilliant was decent enough to listen to. His background score definitely did the magic and gave the film a feel that was required. Siva's dialogues are not hard-hitting, but overall had the energy to keep the film alive.
Critic: Haricharan Pudipeddi
 3 out of 5 (Good) 3 out of 5 (Good)  

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