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Virudhunagar Sandhippu  (2012)  (Tamil)
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Virudhunagar Sandhippu Review

Virudhunagar Sandhippu is a film that is built not with, but on, flaws.
1 out of 5 (Poor)  | Rohit Ramachandran (NOWRUNNING)
V.S.D.Rengarajan's Virudhunagar Sandhippu is so predictable it's watchable. The story is wafer-thin, characters are one-dimensional and so are the contributions of every crew member. The flaws, however, are multidimensional and pipelined back to back. It's like watching an old movie for the second time because you have nothing else to do. It unfolds just as you expect it to. Here's a film that is built not with, but on, flaws. What makes this fare un-intolerable despite the lack of effort is in providing the viewer with an indefinite capacity to spot flaws. This can be your first film experience and you are still bound to have questions, unanswered. Nitpickers, you're in for a treat.

The budget constraints are evident; especially at a point where a car blown up on screen is not just on screen but on screen, on screen. You're probably not going to watch this movie but if you do, take a friend along and play the spot-the-flaw game. Keep a scorecard; the count is too high to hold mentally.
Critic: Rohit Ramachandran
 1 out of 5 (Poor) 1 out of 5 (Poor)  

0.0 - 1.4 : Poor
1.5 - 1.7: Poor, A Few Good Parts
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Critics Rating: |  1 Review
 1.0 out of 5 (Poor) 1.0 out of 5 (Poor)  
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