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Bejawada Rowdilu   (2011)  (Telugu)
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Bejawada Rowdilu Review

Unsuccessful Reincarnation of 'Shiva' 1 out of 5 (Poor) Bejawada Rowdilu  NOWRUNNING REVIEW | Haricharan Pudipeddi (NOWRUNNING)
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 1.0 out of 5 (Poor) 1.0 out of 5 (Poor)  
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To begin with, 'Naga Chaitanya' should stop experimenting and do roles that suit his personality; lover boy to be precise. I would recommend and personally prefer watching old 'Shiva' all over again than crucifying myself in the process of watching 'Bejawada'. Who said 'Dhada' is Nag's biggest failure; add 'Bejawada', as it is going down in trash list.

The story revolves around Kali Prasad, his loyal lieutenant: Vijay Krishna and Shankar, Kali's brother. Kali is one of the most wanted rowdies in the city; however he believes his power is derived from the fact that people think they need him. When Shankar comes to learn that his brother is on the verge of promoting Vijay at the cost of him, he abhors the idea to the core and eventually executes him to regain his position. On knowing about his brother's death, Shiva Krishna, Vijay's brother sets out on a killing rampage; crushing everything to the ground along his way. He wouldn't stop until he avenges the killer of his brother. What follows is a typical gang war with as many cliched dialogues as possible?

I respect and adore RGV to great extent but I hate him at the same time, especially during times like these when he comes up with terrible films. Some of the best films in Indian cinema have come out of RGV and some of the worst ones as well. However, the worst ones outweigh the good ones and the pattern seems to still continue, since few years.

Performances aren't noteworthy. Nag's attempt to pull off an action/mass hero appears to have failed miserably. And, if he continues to do so, I'm sure some worst times are awaiting him. Amala Paul has no similarity to 'Amala' from old 'Shiva', except for the fact that both share a common name. Kota Srinivasa Rao delivers one of his career best performances. Abhimanyu Singh, after films such Gulaal and Rakht Charitra is now one of the most looked for villains in the industry. He is sure to become one of RGV best picks.

Cinematography has Varma's signature written all over it. I appreciate and like it when Varmaji uses variety of cameras in filmmaking; it gives the viewers all new perspective. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that if the post production is not up to the mark, digital output won't be satisfactory. In that case the use of variety of cameras only backfires and fails to make an impact that it was originally supposed to make.

In one line, 'Bejawada' is a perfect example of how not to make a film. RGV can do way better with his caliber.
Critic: Haricharan Pudipeddi
 1 out of 5 (Poor) 1 out of 5 (Poor)  

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