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My Boss  (2012)  (Malayalam)
'My Boss' presents the story of the conflicts between an IT professional and his lady boss. The heroine of the film is the boss and the hero is her subordinate.

The disagreement between them is mainly due to their varied thoughts and cultural interests. They belong to two distinct cultures.

The Malayalee boss Priya (Mamta Mohandas) is an Australian citizen. She prefers to settle in Kerala. Her assistant Manu (Dileep) is a graduate in Engineering. Born in a village, his only aim is to work abroad.

Their dreams are poles apart which create continuous strife between them. Priya is so strict and has good commanding power. Manu tries hard to impress Priya, but in vain. He wishes to raise his voice against Priya, many times, but still remains a mere loyal and obedient employee under her.

Finally Manu got a chance to impress Priya. Priya needs the help of Manu and Manu was ready to help her with all means. But it lands him in trouble and results in more complications in their already strained relationship.

Jithu Joseph narrates the tug-of-war between them in a hilarious manner.

The supporting cast includes Salim Kumar, Nedumudi Venu, Ganesh, Suresh Krishna, Lena, Seetha, and Valsala Menon.

The credit of story, screenplay, and direction goes to Jithu Joseph. Cinematography by Indrajith. Under the banner of East Coast Entertainments, East Coast Vijayan is producing 'My Boss'.