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Jack and Jill  (2011)  (English)
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Jack and Jill Review

(1.5 / 5)  : Poor (1.5 / 5) : Poor  

Jack And Jill - Come Tumbling From The Hill
Satyen K. Bordoloi
   Sun, 27 Nov 2011
There are those who like refinement in cinema, and many who trip just on the opposite. If you belong to the latter category, 'Jack and Jill' is a film hand-made for you. However, if you're not, avoid the film like the plague.

Brother-sister twins Jack and Jill (Adam Sandler both), can't stand each other. Mostly it's because Jill manages to get on the nerves of Jack. Hence, during one Thanksgiving when Jill comes and stays with Jack's family all hell breaks loose till Jill unwittingly seduces Al Pacino, whom Jack needs to save his company.

In the film, Adam Sandler plays a double role. But he is so all over the place that it might seem that he is playing 10 different characters. Thus, if you are a big fan of Adam Sandler, even then you won't be able to stand this film because Adam Sandler is as full of Adam Sandler in the movie as in this sentence.

Yes, the film has its funny moments. But there are so many gags and jokes stuffed one after the other that the good ones are lost in the melee of the bad ones. There's not a moment's respite or silence in the film as one dialogue follows another. By the end of it all, it is a mixed bag in your head.

The jokes and gags are unintentionally funny because they have been done so many times by so many films in the past that it is hilarious to see another film try it once again and fail so desperately.

It is as if the makers of the film knew that they were in possession of a bad film and so tried their best to fill every second of silence with some or the other noise to din out the lack of quality. It, however, worsens the film.

Even the delectable Al Pacino, playing himself, and cameos by many famous people, is unable to save this loud, crash and boorish film.

Indians will perhaps take particular insult to the character of an adopted Indian kid in the family who is always sticking things to his body with duct tape.

Even the wordplay, with words like 'Prostitwin' and 'womb-mate' (to describe a twin) does not particularly appeal and leaves you disappointed.
Critic: Satyen K. Bordoloi
(1.5 / 5)  : Poor (1.5 / 5) : Poor  

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