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Annum Innum Ennum  (2013)  (Malayalam)
(1.5 / 5)  : Poor (1.5 / 5) : Poor

The film finds itself lost somewhere in between being an adult comedy and a morality tale and it satisfies the enthusiasts of neither.   
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Rajesh Nair's, "Annum Innum Ennum" is an irony or dry humour on how pretentious human relations can be. Sridhar Krishna is a doctor. He leads a happy married life with Sneha. He is passionate to write stories. Things go wrong, when a girl comes to his life, as a part of writing. The cast line in... Read Synopsis
Released on January 18 2013
Director: Rajesh Nair

Production Co: Vaya Films
Music Director: Varun Unni
Cast: Asokan, Salim Kumar, Bijukkuttan, Rekha, Nishan, Jishnu Raghavan, Thilakan, Radhika, Siddique  Complete Cast & Crew

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