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Artist  (2013)  (Malayalam)
Language: Malayalam
Director: Shyamaprasad
Producer: M Mani
Music Director: Bijibal
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Michael (Fahad Fazil) and Gayatri (Ann Augustine) are classmates at the Fine Arts College. They share same thoughts and aims in life. Their greatest aim in life is to become world renowned painting artists. They start to live together to attain their goal. Only when they start a life together, G... Read More...
Release Date: August 30 2013 (India)

Rating: Crictiq: 3.0 - Read Review  3/5
Nowrunning Critics: 3.0/5 | Users: 4.3/5
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Nowrunning Reviews
The soul stifling experience that Shyamaprasad's 'Artist' is, leads us on to a world of paints and easels, palettes and pastels, where ingenuity and inventiveness flow on, in strokes and flourishes from the tip of a brush. The painterly detail that the director has on offer for us in 'Artist' , makes it a visually sumptuous film that engrosses us with its enchanting tale.

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